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Welcome to our family!

We started our journey into agriculture with little more than a dream of living a clean sustainable life full of fresh air, sunshine and nature. Since then not only has our family size grown another generation but also our skills, knowledge and vision for the farm. We have worked tirelessly over the years to build our herd to be healthy, structurally sound, parasites resistant, free from the use of chemicals and antibiotics. While simultaneously we have toiled to partner with nature it’s self to improve the health of our soil with regenerative practices and the exclusion of herbicides and pesticides. Now we want to share ‘the fruits of our labor’ with you!

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Nature knows best; so who better to learn from and partner with when it comes to nourishing and maintaining naturally organic environment on our farm. We keep and maintain natural hedgerows that divide our fields and pastures. Hedgerows promote biodiversity and create natural habitat for local wildlife and beneficial insect species. These strips of natural vegetation help maintain carbon storage while also creating windbreaks that prevent soil erosion. Our fields do double duty for growing and grazing with planned rotations alternating not just when and where the cattle graze but also variety of crops that compliment each other in providing nutritional needs of the soil. Fields are also fenced off from natural water ways to keep manure and disruptive hoof prints and tire treads way from the waters’ edge to prevent pollution and erosion. We do not spray our land with any herbicide or pesticides and utilize only natural organic fertilizers a.k.a. Manure.

Experience our organic beef today!

”You are what you eat”, but what about what you eat, eats? Our cows have access to pastures everyday year-round. Those pastures are rotated seasonally to maximize the available forage consumed, maintain plant and soil health and evenly distribute the cows’ all-natural fertilizer. Throughout spring and summer we harvest as much hay as needed to keep the cows fed during winter. Once the hay fields have been harvested, after a short rest they are added to the pasture rotation for late summer and fall grazing. During the colder winter months our cows have round the clock access to a buffet of hay that is refilled daily. The cows also enjoy free access to barns, loafing and wooded areas that give shelter from extreme weather. Automatic watering is provided so they always have access to fresh clean water. Quality of life for our cattle is a priority us and we are always working on ways to improve our practices to for their health and happiness.

We are a small family owned and operated farm. We believe in hard work, honesty and harmony. Together we have toiled to build something so special that we want to share it with you. We are not a corporation, or name brand you will find in a grocery store. We don’t have thousands of cattle, or feed lots where cows stand shoulder to shoulder eating grains. We do not believe in using artificial hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides on our animals or our land. We aren’t or don’t do this because that’s not what we want to eat or feed our children and grandchildren. We are not providing to you anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. We want to share more than a product with you; we want to share our lifestyle and values with you too. Nobody should have to worry where their food comes from or what’s in it. You can be apart of our family enjoying the same wholesome, healthy and organic beef as we do.